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Scientific publication in Green Chemistry


In a recent publication in the journal Green Chemistry (Royal Society of Chemistry) the Lignoflow team presented a scalable solution to a challenging technological problem related to the production of colloidal lignin particles. The new method overcomes prior limitations such as low mass concentration, poor water economy, and recycling of energy-consuming organic solvents.


These hurdles were solved by combining commercially available lignosulfonates with various technical lignin grades such as softwood kraft lignin and soda lignin from annual plants. According to the published research, aqueous lignin dispersions can be prepared as flowable nanogels at consistencies exceeding 30 wt% via a completely organic-solvent-free process.


This publication confirms our technology towards water-efficient synthesis and sustainable materials based on the LignoFlow® technology.


The article is Open Access and available free of charge and available in the link below:
Seed funding from Stockholm University Holding AB


Lignoflow has received seed funding from SU Holding AB which is working to create successful companies with researchers, teachers, students, alumni, and employees at Stockholm University. Within SU holding’s accelerator program Lignoflow will receive mentoring and support for ramping up its activities, including establishing new partnerships, IPR protection, and project development.


We at Lignoflow are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to spinning the wheels towards new opportunities.


In Stockholm 2022-09-15


Lignoflow Technologies AB
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