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Image by Steven Kamenar

The LignoFlow® technology 

Lignin is the most abundant natural aromatic polymer found in trees and other green plants. Lignoflow Technologies AB ("Lignoflow") has developed patent-pending technology for the processing of lignin to produce scalable bio-based materials for a sustainable future.


The basis for LignoFlow formulations and products is the high-consistency lignin dispersions and gels produced without any organic solvents. We are seeking partnership with the forest industry and manufacturing companies committed to substituting fossil-based materials with renewable bio-based ingredients.

Ligning gel

  • Facilitates lignin processing in water-efficient, high-consistency and flowable gel state.

  • Works for most technical lignin grades available in nearly 2 million ton/year.

  • Does not require any covalent chemical reactions.

  • Colloidal lignin gels with shear-thinning properties allow dust-free mass transfer.

  • Readily scalable and can be integrated to existing industrial processes, compatible with the circular bio-economy concept.

LignoFlow gel_1.jpg
Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

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