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About us

Lignoflow Technologies AB is a spin-off company from Stockholm University that started in 2022. Based on years of research and development work on lignin-based materials the co-founders established the company in 2022 based on a patent-pending technological innovation.

Mika Sipponen is Assistant Professor at Stockholm University with 15 years of experience in biomass valorization and one of the leading scientists in research and development related to lignin nanoparticles. 
Ievgen Pylypchuk (Ph.D.) is an experienced chemist in nanomaterials, biobased macromolecules, and surface chemistry. 


Our team

Mika Sipponen

CEO, co-founder

mobile +46766958129


Ievgen Pylypchuk

CTO, co-founder 

mobile +46764090812

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Interested in working with us?

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