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For a sustainable future

Lignoflow has developed a patent-pending technology for the processing of lignin to produce scalable bio-based materials for a sustainable future.

Our vision

We see the future through sustainability and materials circularity. We see a world with bio-based materials that have substituted fossil-based plastics.


The mission of Lignoflow is to become a  leading technology provider for sustainable lignin-based materials with unique properties.


Lignoflow offers tailormade solutions to accelerate introduction of lignin-based formulations to the market.

Lignoflow vision

The LignoFlow® technology 

  • Facilitates lignin processing in water-efficient, high-consistency and flowable gel state.

  • Works for most technical lignin grades available in nearly 2 million tons/year.

  • Does not require any covalent chemical reactions.

  • Dust-free processing and mass transfer.

  • Readily scalable; compatible with existing industrial processes and circular bio-economy concepts.

Lignin is the most abundant natural aromatic polymer found in trees and other green plants.

Lignoflow has developed patent-pending technology for the processing of lignin into scalable bio-based materials for a sustainable future.


The basis for LignoFlow® formulations and products is the method of producing high-consistency lignin dispersions and gels without any organic solvents.


We are seeking partnerships with the forest industry and manufacturing companies committed to substituting fossil-based materials with renewable bio-based ingredients.


About us

Lignoflow Technologies AB is a spin-off company from Stockholm University. Building on  years of research and development work on lignin-based materials the co-founders established the company in 2022 based on a patent-pending technology.

Our team

Mika Sipponen _LowRes.jpg

Ievgen Pylypchuk

CEO, co-founder 

mobile +46764090812

Mika Sipponen

Head of the board, co-founder

mobile +46766958129

Ievgen Pylypchuk has contributed significantly to lignin research, particularly in the development of lignin nanoparticles and their diverse applications. Currently, he leads the company in developing and commercializing new sustainable materials based on Lignoflow® technology.

Mika Sipponen holds a position of Assistant Professor at Stockholm University with 15 years of experience in biomass valorization. He is one of the leading scientists in research related to lignin nanoparticles.

About us
Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

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